Get Home Bag (GHB) Checklist: Just the Essentials

A Get Home Bag (GHB) is a survival kit you keep at your workplace or vehicle to help you reach your home safely amidst unforeseen circumstances. What should this essential survival kit contain? Here’s our comprehensive Get Home Bag checklist.

A Get Home Bag (GHB), though often overlooked, is equally important as the BOB. Its primary function is to help you safely navigate your way back home during a crisis, especially when you’re away, maybe at work or in your vehicle. A GHB adheres to the “Gray Man Theory”, implying that it should be inconspicuous and blend in with the crowd to avoid drawing attention. This bag should be compact, yet packed with essential items to support you for 24 to 72 hours, depending on the distance between your work or frequently visited places and home. Remember, the goal is to reach home safely where you have more resources.

Essential Get Home Bag Checklist

1. Water and Food:

2. Tools:

3. First Aid Kit:

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Pain relief medication

4. Shelter:

  • Emergency blanket
  • Rain poncho

5. Communication:

6. Self Defense:

  • Pepper spray or a tactical pen
  • handgun and ammunition ( where legally permitted)

7. Personal Items:

Complete Premade Kit

Importantly, a well-prepared GHB should consider self-defense tools such as handguns or rifles, where legally permitted and safe to do so. These could be used not only for self-defense but also for hunting in a survival situation. Alternative non-lethal self-defense tools like pepper spray can also be considered. Regardless of the tool chosen, always abide by local and state laws regarding firearms and ensure you’re trained and comfortable with its use.

For more detailed information on assembling a GHB, visit Survivor’s Fortress for an in-depth guide.

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